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TSAR Fitness 170KG Black Label Home Gym Package

TSAR Fitness 170KG Black Label Home Gym Package

GST Included

TSAR Fitness 170KG Black Label Home Gym Package


1 x  20kg Competition Black & Chrome Olympic Barbell rated at 2000lbs

2 x 25kg Black & Red Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 20kg Black & Blue Bumper Plates

2 x 15kg Black & Yellow Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 10kg Black & Green Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 5kg Black & White Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x Red snap lock Olympic Collars


Tsar Fitness Olympic Bumper Plates are high quality, high performance, durable, have low bounce, made from non smell virgin rubber (Not Recycled Smelling Rubber) and are designed to IWF standards, they are built to withstand any punishment you throw at them. Our plates undergo many layers of strict quality control to ensure they meet the IWF's weight tolerances within+-1% of claimed weight, our bumper plates are 450mm in diameter have a 50.4mm collar opening to ensure they fit all Olympic size Barbells.


All Tsar Fitness bumper plates have been drop tested 40,000 times to ensure durability & performance.


TSAR Fitness 20kg Competition Olympic Barbell is engineered high quality high-grade, strengthened steel, with wider shaft diameter to ensure it can comfortably handle weights up to 2000lbs, It measures 2200mm x 28mm with Sleeve Length of 415mm.


  • Olympic Competition Weightlifting Barbell suitable for all types of Weightlifting
  • Built to IWF Standards with 1.2mm IWF Standard Knurling
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Length: 7ft (2.2m)
  • Bar Diameter: 28mm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
  • 10 needle bearings within each sleeve
  • Brass Bushings
  • Moderate Whip
  • Dual knurl marks for Weightlifting and Powerlifting
  • No Centre knurling
  • Fine knurling
  • 30 Microns Coating
  • Maximum Load 2000LBS
  • Sleeves Fit 50mm Olympic Sized Bumper Plate
  • Teflon Coated for Corrosion Protection
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