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TSAR Fitness 23KG Strongman Log

TSAR Fitness 23KG Strongman Log

$398.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
GST Included

The Tsar Fitness Strongman Log is one of the toughest tools available, its specialised for training for CrossFit, core strength, powerlifting and strongman with neutral grip to lower stress on the shoulders for all the pressing movements.


The perfect training partner for:

  • Presses
  • Cleans & Jerks
  • Benches
  • Rows



  • Suitable for all types of Powerlifting, Strongman & Strongwoman Weightlifting
  • IWF Standard Knurling
  • Weight: 23KG
  • Length: 1650mm
  • Log Diameter: 220mm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
  • 30 Microns Coating
  • Maximum Load 1000LBS
  • Sleeves Fit 50mm Olympic Sized Bumper Plate
  • Packaging Size

    183cm Length x 22cm Wide x 22 cm High 23Kg - 1 per box

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